RESISTEL – Manufacture and design of power resistors

Engine starting and braking, Rail Traction
Neutral Grounding Resistors / Neutral Earthing Resistors and load banks

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RESISTEL is specialized in design, manufacture and maintenance of power resistors for electric motor starting, motor braking (for variable speed drives, liquid cooled resistors), railway traction, circuit breakers, disconnectors, power contactors, rod contactors, ZORC surge suppressors, load banks,network harmonic filters.

For example, RESISTEL has long expertise in sectors such as the lifting industry, railway station, shipping, pites & mining or engine manufacturers.

We have been supporting you from the first draft of you project, optimization of your solutions, studies, manufacturing, testing, certifications, commissioning and after-sales service.

RESISTEL, an industrial power resistance specialist, designs and markets its products all over the world.

Engine starting

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Engine braking

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Railway Traction

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Power resistive equipment


Resistive equipment for railway traction

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