Manufacturer since 1989 of resistive power equipment

Engine start-up and braking, Railway traction.
Grounding resistors and load bank.


Wide range of resistances and power

Wide range of resistances for statoric, rototic or electrolytic motor starting. Power from 15kW to 2.5MW

Reliability and guarantees

More than 30 years of experience under the ISO 900 quality system. We have numerous customer references to prove our reliability.

Who is Resistel ?

The Resistel teams specialize in the design, design, manufacture and maintenance of power resistors for electric motor starting applications, motor braking (for variable speed drives, liquid cooled resistance), rail traction, circuit breakers, disconnectors, power contactors, contactors, ZORC surge arrester, load bank, harmonic network filters.

Resistel has extensive expertise in sectors such as the hoisting industry, railways, marine, mining & quarrying and engine manufacturing.
We support you from the project design, optimization of solutions, studies, manufacturing, testing, certifications, commissioning and after-sales service.
Resistel Industrial Power Resistance Specialist designs and markets its products all over the world.

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